An online launch of the FEMCORUS seminar series for 2022/23

FEMCORUS network event

An online launch of the seminar series for 2022/23

22 September (Thursday), 12-2 p.m. (GMT+3)

This online gathering welcomes old and new friends of the FEMCORUS project, which looks into the Mediated Feminism(s) in Contemporary Russia (2021–25), to share news of their ongoing work. There will be an opportunity to discuss the significance and urgency for remapping feminist politics and feminist media practices in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine with the view of coming up with new conceptual frameworks.

This event also launches the seminar series organized by FEMCORUS for the fall semester 2022, as well as provides a space for suggesting suitable topics for 2023 in response to the changing geopolitical, socio-cultural and media environments in the region.

For inspiration we invite you to read an excerpt from The Glitch Feminism Manifesto by Legacy Russel (2013), which challenges the reader to think about new revolutionary ways of using online spaces to transgress the limits of gender, sexuality, and race. It is also available in Russian at Ona.org.ru. Against the backdrop of the global popularity of the manifesto, we might ask, what do techno-utopian theories have to offer to feminism at times of rupture and how, in general, to talk theory when there’s a war?

To participate, fill in the form and a link to Zoom will be sent to you.

If you have any questions in regard to the event, please contact alisa.virtanen@tuni.fi

The seminar is organized by Academy of Finland project Mediated Feminism(s) in Contemporary Russia (FEMCORUS). For more information, visit www.femcorus.org

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