mediated feminism(s) in contemporary Russia
Principal investigator
Senior researcher
Saara Ratilainen
Galina Miazhevich
Daniil Zhaivoronok
Project team
Saara Ratilainen is a University Lecturer at Tampere University.
Expertise: Digital media studies, Cultural Studies, gender studies, cultural history of the Russian-language internet (Runet)
Latest publications: “The Web Series ‘Bitches’ and post-Legacy Television in Russia” in Russian TV Series in the Era of Transition: Genres, Technologies, Identities. Edited by Alexander Prokhorov, Elena Prokhorova, and Rimgaila Salys. Academic Studies Press, 2021.
Twitter: @sratilai
Email: saara.ratilainen ( @ )
Galina Miazhevich is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Journalism, Media, and Culture, Cardiff University, UK, PI of an AHRC Leadership Fellowship (2018-2020), exploring media representations of non-heteronormative sexuality in Russia. The project plan was conceived together with Dr. Miazhevich. She worked on several projects dealing with media representations of Islam and multiculturalism in Europe and democracy in post-communist Europe.
Expertise: Feminist theory, Media studies, post-Soviet studies
Latest publications: Ksenia Sobchak ‘against all’ or everyone against Ksenia Sobchak?
Email: miazhevichg ( @ )
Daniil Zhaivoronok is a PhD student, researcher, Tampere University. Daniil's recent academic activities include research on the development of feminist movement in contemporary Russia and teaching sociology of gender at the European University at St. Petersburg. He has appeared in leading Russian media as an expert of feminist theory and movement and collaborated as a researcher and expert with various feminist and LGBTQ organizations in Russia.
Expertise: Feminist and Queer theory, Gender studies.
Latest publications: First as tragedy - then as "boom-boom": politicians and images of contemporary Russian pop-feminism [Сначала в виде трагедии – потом в виде «бум-бум»: политики и образы современного российского поп-феминизма], Neprikosnovennyi Zapas 2020; full list of publications: Academia.
Telegram channel
Email: daniil.zhaivoronok ( @ )
Inna Perheentupa
Inna Perheentupa works as a postdoctoral researcher in FEMCORUS, and will take part in the project during its final phase. In FEMCORUS she will focus mainly on issues of hierarchy and class in the context of mediated feminisms in Russia, and how these are produced for example between different Russian regions and individuals. Her PhD is an ethnographic study on feminist politics in Russia based on which, a book will be published in 2022 titled Feminist Politics in Neoconservative Russia. An Ethnography of Resistance and Resources (Bristol University Press).
Expertise: Political sociology, Feminist studies, Gender studies, Ethnographic inquiry and methods.
Latest publications: Inna's articles have been published in journals such as the European Journal of Women’s Studies, the International Feminist Journal of Politics and the Finnish journal of Cultural Studies Kulttuurintutkimus. She is also one of the editors of the volume Assembling Therapeutics: Culture, Politics, Materiality (Routledge 2019). Other publications
Email: inna.perheentupa (@ )
Research assistant
Alisa Virtanen
Alisa Virtanen is a student of Master's Programme in Languages specializing in Russian contemporary culture and media. Alisa works as a research assistant in FEMCORUS from August 2022 until July 2023.
Expertise: Russian studies, cultural studies, media studies
Email: alisa.virtanen ( @)
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